Justin and Becca's Wedding Website


We invited you because we really want you to be there to celebrate us as we officially register our relationship with the government and affirm it before our community. We know you're giving up your time for us and traveling (something that, to us homebodies, is really a big deal!) so for you to come is a gift enough for us.

However, we know many of you will want to get us presents anyway, so we've set up registries using MyRegistry.com, which allows us to combine our registries from Target and Amazon as well as to add things from elsewhere on the internet. While Target and Amazon automatically update the registry when you buy from them, to keep the other sources in sync you will need to confirm your purchase on the MyRegistry site as well.

MyRegistry also includes a cash registry we've titled "Nest Egg" to indicate that any funds we receive will go toward our goals as a family such as saving for a house and small humans.