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Here we are as wee tots.

This picture is from October 2003, the same year we began dating.

And just over nine years later, at Becca's (final!) graduation party.

About three days later on Christmas Eve 2012 with kitty Eli.

Our Little Family

Our guinea pigs are our furbabies and they are an important part of our lives as well as one of our most significant common interests. Becca asked for a guinea pig for Valentine's Day 2004 and Justin thought it was so cute he wanted one, too. Our fates were sealed with those little furry faces and there is no way we could go back!

Current Brood

Demi (Demeter) is the current matriarch of our guinea pig clan. She was a bodybuilder in her youth, managing to flip pigloos even with two textbooks weighing them down! She is a very easygoing pig who enjoys nesting in the hay and is our loudest squeaker.

Nyxi (Onyxia) is Demi's meadowmate and our biggest pig so far. She has taken over flipping pigloos but is generally easygoing -- except when encountering Lexi, who is apparenly her mortal enemy. She has three white feet and one black foot which she always uses ot hold down her food.

Lexi (Alexstrasza) is known as the Ridgeback because of her permanent mohawk and the Toof because she likes to chew on things. She's ventilated more than one of her mother's shirts, and clipping her nails is an extreme sport.

Cassi (Cassiopeia) is our youngest and bounciest. She can leap tall pigloos in a single bound! She is also extremely adventurous -- if set on the floor, she will happily sprint halfway across the apartment before we can catch up to her.

Natasha was a sweet little kitten that suckered us in. Now she pretty much hates the world.

Lost Loves

These babies may no longer be with us, but they remain in our hearts.

Lizzy (Elizabeth) was the happiest guinea pig ever, even though she lived a long time with pain. She was also a pro at wheedling treats out of her parents. She would kiss for a treat and you'd better give it to her if you didn't want her to start nibbling on you.

Osky (Oscar) had to have regular haircuts so he would be able to see! He was a very easygoing boy and liked to stand up on the side of his meadow like he's doing in this picture.

Ozzy (Osiris) was our very first guinea pig - the one that started it all! He was a very shy little boy and very scared of strangers, but he trusted his parents (especially his mother) and wasn't afraid to squeak for treats!

Izzy (Isis) was Ozzy's littermate and the first guinea pig to live with Justin. She was always regal and dignified and she enjoyed sitting like a sphinx and wheeting so loudly that her entire body would pulsate.

Amy (Amonett) was our first calico-colored guinea pig. She was also the first to be very good at standing up on her hind legs - even when she got huge! - a custom our current brood continues.

Kerri (Kerridwen) was our big fluffy cottonball. She was as sweet as she was soft and our best-behaved when getting her nails clipped - she would just calmly lie there singing.

Nicci (Kunoichi) was nicknamed the Firework because of her coloring and the Ninja because she was a sneaky one. You could put food or water out for her and she would somehow make it disappear without being seen!