Justin and Becca's Wedding Website


We've posted the answers to some questions you may have. If you have a question not addressed here, below is a form you can use to ask us.

What should we wear? What we've heard called "dressy casual" works for us. Please don't show up in pajama pants or you will ruin our day by making us jealous.

What are you calling your male attendants? Justin's brother will be the Best Man following tradition, while Becca's brothers will both be Men of Honor.

What do we call you after you're married? Well... you can still call us Justin and Becca ;-) In a situation requiring formality, Dr. Rebecca and Mr. Justin Kovar. In other words, Becca is adding Justin's last name, but please don't assign her his first name too!

Where is the RSVP card for me to send back? We decided to do our RSVPs all through this website for a few reasons. Yes, we saved a little bit of money on stamps, cards, and envelopes, but ultimately we felt the web page represented our computer-loving personalities and was easier for both us and you.

When do you need our response by? May 1st - that will give us enough time to confirm numbers with our caterer, etc. However, if you forget, please get it to us as soon after that date as possible, assuming we haven't tracked you down already.

I thought I knew what I was doing and submitted my RSVP, but now our plans have changed! What do I do? Just submit another one. We'll assume your most recent answer is the correct one.

What is this stuff about a dragon? Instead of throwing the bouquet and garter, we'll be giving away two inflatable dragons. (Pictures are on the RSVP page). This way anyone, no matter their age or marital status, has a chance to win - and there is no physical contest involved, either!

Why is your wedding in the middle of the day? We felt that our relatives who have to drive several hours would rather leave in the early evening than late at night, and we don't want anyone to cut the celebration short so they don't get home too late. We also tire out easily and would rather get to enjoy our time together than face a big event after being pre-exhausted by anticipating/preparing all day.

So are you feeding us or not? Yes, there will be a meal! And cake! And possibly some sort of snack.

What about dancing? Yes, we will have music and dancing. Please wear shoes conducive to your participation =)