Justin and Becca's Wedding Website


Okay, so if you're invited to our wedding you must know at least one of us, and since we've been together for nearly ten years, you probably know us both! But in case you don't know, here is the story of our relationship.

We have no idea when we first met. We both went to Caldwell ISD one year apart, so at some time over the years we learned each other's names and faces, but we had very little interaction. In fact, we apparently even had a class together which Justin remembers and Becca doesn't!

We didn't really talk until a couple of years after graduating from high school. Justin was living in College Station and Becca had recently moved back to Caldwell. Our mutual friends Lee and Destiny Hamilton had been living in College Station and were about to move, so Becca went out with them, Aaron Hollis, T.J. Warren, and Lucas Redd to see them off. Afterwards they went back to Lucas and T.J.'s apartment, where Becca started talking to their roommate, Justin. She was wearing a shirt that said "Talk Nerdy To Me" on it and he gave her chocolate milk. There was just no going back.

Justin brought Becca these flowers on one of their earliest dates.

What about the proposal? There's not one! (Becca is comforted by the fact that her parents, too, did not have a staged proposal but rather a mutual discussion and agreement.) We decided early on we would get married, but our pesky ducks just wouldn't get in their rows! When Becca realized that our 10th anniversary fell on a Saturday, she went after those ducks with a vengeance! Admittedly, we still have no money, but at least we're living in the same place again.

We've dated while living in the same area, lived together, then lived seven and a half hours apart, and now that we're able to live together again we know we wouldn't have it any other way and look forward to spending the rest of our lives together.

Above, our World of Warcraft characters enjoy a cozy fire together.